VOIP Hack ! Free VOIP Calls – Make Free Pc To Phone Calls Using iCall

What is iCall?

iCall was founded in 2005. Their mission is to produce quality products that will actually change lives. Generally by providing free services and calls. iCall believes that the telecommunications industry as a whole needs a makeover. Telephone service is generally expensive and iCall has set out to change that for good by offering free calls globally.

Why Are They Providing Free VOIP Calls?

Their first aim is that telephone service should be free for all users. There are many who now have broadband Internet, which takes away the need for a landline telephone service. iCall seeks to add more to VoIP than the standard company does, thus increasing their revenues and pleasing the customer.


In order to use the iCall system the user needs to make sure he/she has access to a headset, microphone, and an Internet connection. iCall was created to be user friendly so it does not matter what operating system one uses. There is a download for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux on their website.

System requirements are 128MB of RAM, 10MB of hard drive space. Installation does not require excessive changes and the user can do it without having a company member come out and do the installation.

iCall Features

iCall believes in offering free calls all over the world. This is in keeping with the company’s mission statement of making phone service available to everyone, while providing extra features to those who prefer them.

Additionally, voicemail is included for free. iCall states that Voicemail is a feature that should be free but other companies charge for. Other features are available in the iCall pro, which is a paid upgrade. If the user finds that the iCall system fits his/her needs he/she might opt for the upgrade later down the road when usage increases.


iCall works on impressive technology via the Internet service the user already has installed. iCall allows the user to just plug into their computer to start using the phone system.

Calls are just as clear as they are over the normal phone lines. The system does require a computer to operate, which may be too cumbersome for some.

Service and Support

iCall has a strong customer support policy. The company maintains an extensive knowledge base that can be used to get help at any time of the day or night on their website.

If the problem goes beyond the scope of the knowledge base the user can submit a trouble tick via his/her account. The account itself gives the user the option of changing account information without having to go through the service center. If there is a question or problem that cannot be resolved via any of the above methods there is a support number for iCall available.

How to Use iCall? – Video Tutorial


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