Double Click On Drives Not Working – How to Repair Drive Autorun?

Unable to Access your Drive by Double Click?

You Double clicked on your drive and it opens ” Open With” dialog window, its really frustrating isn’t it? This is caused when you use a virus infected USB flash drive which corrupts your drive autorun file called ” autorun.inf”. The reason for this is when you open My Computer and tries to access a drive, it will run the virus to infect your computer. Very often anti-virus is able to remove executable virus from system but cannot repair the autorun.inf. This is because autorun.inf that’s located at the root of your drive is only an instruction file that tells Windows what to automatically run when you access the drive from My Computer.

Using an Anti-Virus

So even when you remove the virus from your computer, you’ll still be unable to access your C drive from My Computer by double clicking on it. Some people double click C drive, a search window will appear. For some, it’d say that it cannot find the script or file to run. Most common of all, when double click C drive, it gives you an option to choose a program to open.


For expert computer users,they’ll know they had to remove the autorun.inf file from C drive. Usually the autorun.inf cannot be easily deleted because it has system, read-only, and hidden file attribute. You can go to command prompt to remove the file attributes and then delete it. Here’s a free utility that will do the job for novice users.

Disk Heal Utility To Solve Drive Double Click Problem

Disk Heal is a useful tool that restores the condition of your storage device after being infected by a virus.It performs many functions. Initially it was a program which fixed disk problems that occur after a virus has been removed with a few additional features like changing the icon of a drive. Currently it performs various other tweaks as well. More will be added soon.

Download Instructions

When you click on a download link and a new page open that is of, click on “download free” on that page. After that wait for the timer to finish and than click on “download”!


How to use Disk Heal

Disk Heal Screenshot

Disk Heal Screenshot

To fix your C drive problem, download, install and run Disk Heal. Make sure you are logged in from a administrator user. Click the Fix button, type the drive letter and click Fix. Other than fixing drive not opening problem, it can also restore folder options, task manager, and registry editor.

Other feature of Disk Heal are as follows

Security Tweaks

-Enable/Disable Task Manager
-Enable/Disable Folder options
-Enable/Disable the registry editor
-Lock the location of ‘My Documents’
-Enable/Disable Display Properties
-Enable/Disable ‘Search’
-Enable/Disable ‘Run’
-Enable/Disable Control Panel
-Enable/Disable Shutdown
-Enable/Disable CPU Beep
-Enable/Disable CD Auto-run
-Hide/Unhide Start->(All) Programs menu
-Enable/Disable the Context menu in My Computer & Desktop
-Enable/Disable My Computer
-Hide/Show ‘Pinned’ items from the Start menu
-Remove ‘Manage’ in My Computer Context Menu

Appearance Tweaks

-Change drive icon
-Enable/Disable Clear-Type (Also known as ‘Font smoothing’ Fonts)
-Enable/Disable smooth scrolling
-Hide/Show the left panel from My Computer
-Hide/Show the current user in the Start menu
-Hide/Show the windows version on the Desktop
-Hide/Show windows error messages on startup

Internet Explorer Tweaks

-Enable/Disable Auto-complete
-Check if Default Browser
-Lock current home page
-Increase simultaneous downloads to 10

Control Panel Tweaks

-Hide/Show Accessibility Options
-Hide/Show Add or Remove programs
-Hide/Show Console Options
-Hide/Show Date and Time Options
-Hide/Show Display Options
-Hide/Show Fax Options
-Hide/Show Hardware Wizard
-Hide/Show IR Port Options
-Hide/Show Regional Options
-Hide/Show Internet Settings
-Hide/Show Joystick Options
-Hide/Show licensing programs
-Hide/Show Keyboard and Mouse Options
-Hide/Show Mail Options
-Hide/Show sound Options
-Hide/Show dial-up Options
-Hide/Show network & connectivity Wizard
-Hide/Show modem Options
-Hide/Show Netware client Options
-Hide/Show ODBC options
-Hide/Show PC card Options
-Hide/Show port Options
-Hide/Show power Options
-Hide/Show scanner and camera Options
-Hide/Show server manager Wizard
-Hide/Show speech Options
-Hide/Show System Properties
-Hide/Show Telephone Properties
-Hide/Show TweakUI Properties
-Hide/Show User Manager Properties

Disk Heal is FREE and portable that works on Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista. After installing Disk Heal, go to C:\Program Files\Disk Heal\Disk Heal v1.47 and copy the Disk Heal.exe to your USB flash drive to secure your flash drive too.

Best Anti-virus Solution

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  1. Afshin says:

    Thankyou, you have solved my problem.


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    thanks a LOT
    This was very good information really,GREAT

  3. shiv mishra says:

    Your tool helped me to recover files hidden by virus but the cure was done by “flash drive disinfector”.
    Thanks :)

  4. Larry says:

    Can’t fix my problem. It can’t open by double click and when i run it it says dint find any errors with my c: drive. anything else?

  5. Jeff Arbor says:

    We saw something like this in our corner of Michigan recently.

    Can’t wait all these XP systems to start needing upgrades.

    Thanks for the post.

  6. SAGAR says:

    my pc’s local disks D,E&F not open to the double click.please help me the this problem.

  7. Emir says:

    My Dear,

    to fix this you have to download Malwarebytes this is a freeware run this and once it it finished, click remove all. Your system will be prompted to restart, restart it and download and run autorun exterminator

    this will fix your problem

    God Bless

  8. Jones Boy says:

    This program is great. I was unable to access my “C & D” drives by double clicking on them. Now I can, thanks a million

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