Microsoft Zune 3.0 Software Update Now Available – Whats new in Zune 3.0 ?

The Zune 3.0 software update is now available ( as of Microsoft 19th Sep 2008 )

Zune 3.0 Now Availabe!

Like Apple’s iTunes 8, Microsoft’s Zune software (now in version 3.0) offers new ways for listeners to discover new music via their software.
Zune 3.0 has following features categorized as:




Zune 3.0 Device features

New capacities

Microsoft has added 16GB and 120GB devices in the upcoming list, both with a glossy black front and a black metal back.

Buy from FM

Your device will identify the song you listen on the radio on your Zune and download it the next time you sync.
Here is the demo video for Buy From FM

You Can Browse Zune Marketplace wirelessly

You can Download music directly to your Zune wheater at home or at your work place wherever there’s a wireless hotspot.
Here is the demo video for Wifi

Zune is now a partner with high-speed Internet access provider Wayport to allow customers wirelessly shop Zune Marketplace on their player at more than 9,800 McDonald’s restaurants across the U.S.

New Zune Originals

You get even more designs for you to personalize your Zune.

Subscribe to Zune Channels

Combining the best features of podcasts and playlists, subscribe to channels by Billboard, The FADER, and radio stations like KROQ and KEXP.
Here is the demo video for Channels

Now You Can Play Games

Play games on your Zune. Devices come preloaded with Texas hold ‘em and Hexic.


Zune has now one of our most-requested features, Audiobooks on your Zune, from and OverDrive.


You’ll never worry about what it is again.

Zune 3.0 Software features

Mixview, Just for You, and Now Playing

Dynamically representating your collection, as well as artist and song recommendations based on what you and other members of the Social are listening to.
Here is the demo video for Mixview

Search Functionality

The New Zune software will give you suggestions as you type, helping you find the name of an artist or band even if you don’t know the correct spelling.

Social in the software

Set your favorite tracks, update your profile, change your status, and search for other Social members — all from within the software.

Zune 3.0 Social features

Integrated Windows Live Messenger

Chat with your Windows Live Messenger contacts in the Social, and invite them to join with a click of the mouse.

Receive Reputation badges

Get recognized for being a top reviewer or top forum poster and receive a badge.

Get E-mail notifications

Get notified by a weekly digest of your friends’ activities and real-time notifications of new messages and comments.

More play data

In addition to number of total plays, you can now check how many times a track has been sent to a friend or added as favourite.


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