How to Install Windows XP ? – Step By Step Guide To Clean Installation of XP

Why Do We Need To Re-install Windows XP?

You need a “clean install” of Windows XP when you got millions of viruses in your computer or you had tried every thing to restore your windows by using anti virus or system restore tools etc. A brand new hard drive also needs to install clean XP. A clean install simply means formatting the hard drive ( only C drive ) and reinstalling the operating system, puts the system back in the state in which you first got the machine.

Before You Proceed With The Installation

Backup your important data before you begin this process! (If you have multiple partitions on your hard drive, data on partitions other than the system partition “except C drive” will not be affected with the following steps, but a backup is still recommended to be on the safe side). You will also have to re install all the softwares you were using in your previous XP.

NOTE : Use these instructions at your own risk!. Only users experienced in installing, troubleshooting, and making repairs to Windows Operating Systems should attempt to follow these instructions on their own. If you choose to proceed, be aware that GetPcMemory assumes no responsibility for any problems encountered.

Step 1 : Prepare The Boot Sequence

Insert the windows XP cd in your cdrom and than go to the BIOS by hitting “DEL” or “F12″ when your system in powering on. Go to Boot order and make sure cdrom is on the first place.
Save settings and restart your computer.

Once you have successfully booted from the CD, you will see the Windows XP “Welcome to Setup” screen. Press ENTER to begin the setup process.

Step 2: Accept the license agreement

When you see the Windows XP license agreement press F8 to accept it and proceed.

Step 3: Searching for Previous Versions of Windows XP

Setup will search for existing Windows installations. You will see the next “repair or install fresh copy” screen appear only if a Windows installation currently exists on your machine. If you’re installing on a brand-new hard drive, skip to Step 5.

Step 4:Continue Installing a Fresh Copy

Press ESC. You will be given a list of partitions available on your hard drive.

Step 5: Partitions

If there are multiple partitions on your hard drive, or you have multiple hard drives in the computer, use the UP or DOWN arrow keys to choose your install partition. Please note that your system partition needs to be a primary partition (usually the first partition that shows up in the list), not a logical partition.
The partition should be at least 10 GB in size. Make sure that all the data you need from this partition is copied elsewhere, because it will be deleted.

Once you have selected the right partition selected, press ENTER. You will see the next “you already have a system installed” screen only if you already have Windows installed on this partition. If you are installing on a brand-new hard drive, skip to Step 7.

Step 6: Continue Installing On The Selected Drive

Press C to continue. You will be given a list of install options


Step 7: Format The Selected Partition

Select the option to “Format the partition using the NTFS file system (quick) and press ENTER.You will receive a warning about formatting the drive unless the drive is brand-new.

Step 8: Continue With The Format

Press F to continue formatting selected partition. If you still haven’t backed up, this is the last change to backup your important data, after this step you will not to able to go back and restore your data.

Step 9: Copying Files

After the format setup will automatically copy files and restart your computer. Go to BIOS and remove cdrom from first boot device. Start your computer.


Step 10: Automatic Installation After Restart

Setup will continue to install after the restart. it will ask you for the product key and user name etc. Fill the forms yourself.

After The Installation

Install the missing drivers because windows XP will install a limited set of drivers,you’ll have to find the rest. To see which drivers you’re missing, go to the Control Panel > System > Hardware tab > Device Manager. Things next to a Yellow exclamation is a missing driver. You’ll need to reinstall these drivers from a system CD that came with your computer or download them from the manufacture’s website.


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