Nokia N95 16 GB memory card – New SanDisk 16GB micro SDHC memory card

SanDisk 16GB micro SDHC memory card for Nokia N95

The new SanDisk 16GB micro SDHC memory card is fully compatible with Nokia N95. This represents a new boundary in capacity to be reached in the latest mobile phones that support the card.

Most of the Nokia N95 owners out there will want to know a little more about how the 16GB card performs in their phone so we did some extra effort and took some testing snaps of 16GB memory card working in Nokia N95.


First make sure that you have updated N95 to the latest firmware version via the as the older Nokia N95 firmwares will not handle the card well at all. We saw that it may trigger some O/S freezing and rebooting when you try to open the Gallery or Music Player.

The following tests were completed on the firmware version: 21.0.016 Nokia N95 – RM-159
*To check your firmware type this on your Nokia N95 *#0000# and make sure it’s the latest firmware version*.

So here are the snaps:

The new SanDisk 16GB micro SD memory card


Inserting the card into the slot.


It took 10-12sec scanning the memory card contents using the file manager.


As you can see we tested with over 10Gb of music files loaded onto the SanDisk card.
Selecting music tracks via the File Manager was straightforward and quick, with menu lists of music folders, and mp3 files from the memory card updating on the screen with no noticeable slowdown compared to onboard storage.


The playback of the tracks stored on the card was also faultless, without any skipping or buffering problems, from up to 320kbps encoded MP3 right down to lower bit rates.


Going to the Gallery and into Tracks, or into the Music Player from the Music menu folder is a different matter. To those familiar with the Music Player app, this is where a scan of the card contents will commence to update the cached track list. Due to the large number of files (over 4000 MP3 files in this case) this process is very slow. However it is a once only operation, as after the first scan, the cached file only needs a refresh. To avoid this lengthy scanning process it is possible to upload the track list via the Nokia PC Suite which stops your phone having to generate it for you.


All in all, we were very impressed to see the difference once again that Nokia’s support of its existing customer base via regular and meaningful firmware upgrades has made.
In this case Nokia N95 owners now have available an easy and affordable way to give their phones a new lease of life with 16GB of extra storage.

Other Compatible Phones

The following phones are also known to be compatible with the 16GB micro SDHC card:

Samsung i900 Omnia
Nokia N96 (release October 2008 – max capacity is 32GB inc the 16GB onboard!)
Nokia 6220 Classic
Nokia 6210 Navigator
Nokia E71
Nokia N95

HTC Touch Pro / Dual
HTC Tytn II/ MDA Vario III


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