Cheap Kingston 8 GB Micro SD (SDHC) Class 4 Memory Card Offer

Looking all over the internet for cheap memory cards? Well you have came to the right place as we are offering the Kingston 8GB Micro SDHC Class 4 memory card just for £12.99. You wont find a better deal than this one!

Product Overview

Kingston’s micro SDHC card makes your mobile content no longer tied to your phone/camera. You can share your 8 GB content with your friends, family and colleagues easily with this removable storage solution designed for mobile phones and digital cameras with expansion slots.

The Kingston Micro SDHC removable memory card has been developed specifically to expand the memory capacity of today’s high spec mobile phones. This card will enable you to store more music, movies, video clips, pictures, ring tones and more.

Now the Kingston micro SD comes with an SD adapter giving you the convenience to use it as a full size secure digital (SD) card in SD enabled devices, such as media card readers.There is a built in write protect switch inside the adapter which protects your data from accidental loss.

This card is also power efficient and consumes very little power therefore giving you an extended battery life in your mobile phone.


Lifetime warranty
Includes SD size adapter
Class 4 Specification
4MB/sec. Minimum Data Transfer Rate
Dimensions 11mm x 15mm x 1mm


2 Responses to “Cheap Kingston 8 GB Micro SD (SDHC) Class 4 Memory Card Offer”

  1. gerry cassidy says:

    I need the driver for this card , II have a transflash 8 gig card hc and my computer does not reconize it..can I get a driver for this?..please let me no ok….gerry cassidy 619-284-8438

  2. karuna says:

    i am HTC p3400i ( new general model ) windows mobile user. Could you pls. tell me that wheather i can use 4GB or 8GB in which card can i.e. mini SD or mini SDHC card can use?
    Pls. advice.

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