Download Windows XP Drivers for Dell Studio Hybrid PC

Looking for xp drivers of dell studio hybrid pc? Dell has not officially launched Windows XP drivers for its Studio Hybrid PC. But the following drivers will work fine on Studio Hybrid PC running on Windows XP.Following are the available XP drivers for Dell Hybrid Studio PC 140G. I have collected them from dell site but you will not find these drivers on the Studio Hybrid Support page. Spread the word!

Dell Studio Hybrid PC

Dell Studio Hybrid PC - Blue

Looking For Windows Vista Drivers? Click

Intel Chipset Driver For Win XP

Realtek Audio Driver For Win XP

Network Driver For Win XP

Modem Driver For Win XP

Intel Video Driver For Win XP

Logitech Dell Premium Optical Mouse(Nala) Driver For Win XP

Dell 32 Bit Diagnostics For Win XP

You can request for more drivers by posting a comment!


23 Responses to “Download Windows XP Drivers for Dell Studio Hybrid PC”

  1. Faadi says:

    There is an unknown device under the device manager. Can I please receive the link to this driver? it would be really helpful.

  2. Jason says:

    Faadi: Could you possibly be any more vague? It’s the card reader.. try n figure it out, good luck!

  3. Eco says:

    Hi, I am after the mediabuttons.exe (DELLOSD) driver for XP which controls the eject button on the front of the Hybrid Studio. Did you find a version of this driver for XP?

  4. Simon says:

    The unknown device is the mediabuttons drivers for the CD-ROM, also the link to the chipset driver above is wrong

  5. kingdell says:

    anybody could install windows-xp on the studio hybrid?
    i always get an blue screen, please mail me:

  6. seven says:

    Kingdell, go to bios and change AHCI to regular IDE.

  7. sevenlas says:

    here is the link to the mediabutton for the cdrom.

    tested and confirm working on xp pro

  8. Jesse says:

    Hi, I can’t seem to find a way to change the AHCI to IDE in the Bios. Where is that option?

  9. Jesse says:

    Nevermind, updated bios and found it

  10. Jesse says:

    Ok, me again. Now I am getting BSOD “pci.sys” while Windows is loading files. Any thoughts?

  11. jerk says:

    Yeah, use a legit copy of windows xp.

  12. RobG says:

    1. Install the recommended driver for Vista from the Dell site:

    2. Install the MediaButtons v5.0.0.1t4 app for Vista from the Dell site:

    3. BEFORE rebooting, set the DELLODDSvr service to Disabled (default is Automatic). This CAN be done after a reboot, but you will definitely want to End Task on the MediaButtons.exe process(es) in Task Manager first.

    4. Reboot

    The ONE remaining issue after all this (and it is absolutely TRIVIAL to me) is that the keyboard buttons that control the volume do not work correctly now. The others work as expected.

  13. XP-pain-in-Hybrid says:

    I updated the BIOS to 1.0.9, but can’t see where to change AHCI to IDE. Any help on this?

  14. Marten says:

    Have anybody had issues with playing DVDs on the Sudio Hybrid using Vista and Media Player? My Hybrid will play 10-30 minutes and then crash. It has happened that I have seen a full movie. All drivers updated (Intel has a newer graphics driver than on the Dell support site), it is not heat, I have good ventilation.
    Dell is dumb founded and just blame Vista.
    Any tip is welcome.
    Best regards

  15. rocho says:

    any real improvents by installing xp? big mkv hd files plays smoothless than in vista?

  16. Tom says:

    Anyone else having problems downloading the chip set driver? I keep getting a network time out issues.

  17. Matt says:

    I use Trend Micro on my PC and it has picked up on MediaButtons.exe (C:\Windows\System32\MediaButtons.exe) with my Dell Studio Hybrid. It blocks the program as being a potentially malicious program because it is trying to inject files into the library files. What I’ve read here suggests that MediaButtons.exe is required for the drivers of the optical CD-Rom. I’ve had no problems with ejecting CDs and haven’t had to do it manually. Thus, my question is whether the program is legitimate and should I allow it proceed the next time my anti-virus program asks if it should be blocked?

  18. Seth says:

    Anyone have updated links for these drivers some links are dead thanks!

  19. Sandra says:

    Anyone know how to get drivers for XP on hybrid, I have problems with sound and camera

  20. Andrew says:

    Please help.
    I have a Desktop Studio Hybrid 140G computer. I have an issue with hearing sounds when i go onto the internet & say listen to Youtube videos. I can only hear an encrypted type distortion and minor background sound (it is illegable sound).
    I have a surround sound speaker system set up, which worked perfect with my other Dell computer.
    However when i play a cd or saved music,i can hear the music pristine.
    I spent a lengthy amount of time talking to Tech support at Dell & they felt it is a software issue.
    I pay $80 for a onetime software fix or i can clean my computer entirely and download the operating system again ( I don’t like this option).
    Has anyone had this issue before? Any advice and trouble shooting ideas are welcome. (yes i have checked all the cords lol.)

  21. Panos says:

    Anyone found a driver for multimedia controller in Xp. I tried all the above but no luck. I also tried software which installs drivers but no luck either.

    Any help is welcome,

  22. Rajiv kumar says:

    i have dell Inspiron Desktop 560ST i need driver for winxp

  23. Danilo says:

    Tks man

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