Download HP Pavilion DV3 Series Notebook Windows XP Drivers

Download Drivers for HP Pavilion DV3xxx for Windows XP

HP Pavilion DV3xxx Windows XP Drivers Problem: Downgrading HP Pavilion DV3xxx Notebook to Windows XP requires supported drivers, which you can find here.I have compiled these Windows XP drivers for your convenience. Now they are all on single page for you, HP Pavilion DV3xxx Windows XP drivers!

Enjoy downgrading to Windows XP!

Windows XP Drivers for HP Pavilion DV3xxx Notebook

HP Pavilion DV3 Entertainment Notebook PC

HP Pavilion DV3 Entertainment Notebook PC


Download Instructions


When you click on a download link and a new page opens that is of, click on “download free” on that page. After

that wait for the timer to finish and than click on “download”!



First Install the SATA Drivers

You may use an external usb floppy drive and use the F6 option during the windows XP installation. If you don’t have an

external floppy available, then Nlite slipstreaming is your best option.

A good guide to slipstream sata driver Click Here

Notebook with Intel processors installed, use ICH9 ,

The driver is located in iaAHCI.inf and is called ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller

Notebook with AMD processors installed, use AMD ,

Important Notes:

  1. In Nlite, choose the option of insert -> multiple driver folder
  2. Select ONLY x86 driver for AMD SATA AHCI when asked.
  3. Never choose x64 driver when asked

Install MS-UAA Driver Before ()

  1. Intel video graphics
  2. Audio Driver
  3. Modem Driver
  4. New Nvidia drivers (185.85) also required MS-UAA for HDMI driver.


HP Pavilion DV3xxx Intel Chipset Driver for Win XP

Description: Intel Chipset Utility For Windows XP
Size: 2.40 MB

HP Pavilion DV3xxx South Bridge Driver for Win XP

Description: South Bridge Driver For Windows XP
Size: 3.61 MB

HP Pavilion DV3xxx Card Reader Driver For Win XP

Description: JMB38X Card Reader Driver for Windows XP
Size: 3.49 MB

HP Pavilion DV3xxx Lan Card Driver For Win XP

Description: Realtek RTL8168C Ethernet Lan Card driver for Windows XP
Size: 9.42 MB

HP Pavilion DV3xxx Modem Driver For Win XP

Description: High Definition Modem Driver for Windows XP
Size: 18.82 MB

HP Pavilion DV3xxx Infrared Driver For Win XP

Description: ENE-CIR Receiver Infrared Driver for Windows XP
Size: 4.77 MB

HP Pavilion DV3xxx Finger Print Reader Driver For Win XP

Description: AuthenTec Inc. AES2501 Driver and Bioscrypt VeriSoft Access Manager for Windows XP
Size: 14.17 MB
Download: (Use Winrar to Extract)

HP Pavilion DV3xxx Intel Wireless WLAN Driver for Win XP

Description: Intel PRO Wireless WLAN 3945-ABG Network Wifi Driver for Windows XP
Size: 4.25 MB

HP Pavilion DV3xxx Atheros Wireless WLAN Driver for Win XP

Description: Atheros Wireless WLAN Network Wifi Driver for Windows XP
Size: 20.64 MB

HP Pavilion DV3xxx Broadcom Wireless WLAN Driver for Win XP

Description: Broadcom Wireless WLAN Network Wifi Driver for Windows XP
Size: 7.26 MB

HP Pavilion DV3xxx Touchpad Driver For Win XP

Description: Touchpad Synaptics Driver for Windows XP
Size: 24.74 MB

HP Pavilion DV3xxx Audio Driver For Win XP

Description: Audio Driver for Windows XP.(First install MS UAA)
Size: 15.87 MB
Download: ( Use Winrar to Extract and Follow the Readme.txt)

HP Pavilion DV3xxx Nvidia VGA Driver For Win XP

Description: Nvidia Graphics Display VGA Driver for Windows XP
Size: 40.97 MB or 56.37MB
Download Driver1(7150M,8400MG): Download Driver2(8200MG,8400MG,8600M GS):

HP Pavilion DV3xxx ATI VGA Driver For Win XP

Description: ATI Mobility HD 3200,3250, 3450, 3750 Graphics Display Driver for Windows XP
Size: 35.11 MB
Download: (Use Winrar To Extract)

HP Pavilion DV3xxx Intel VGA Driver For Win XP

Description: Intel Graphics Display VGA Driver for Windows XP (First Install the MS-UAA)
Size: 13.27 MB

HP Pavilion DV3xxx HP Quick Launch Buttons Driver For Win XP

Description: HP Quick Launch Buttons Driver for Windows XP (Install first)
Size: 24.74 MB
If you still have 7 unknown devices

List of Supported Models

HP Pavilion dv3-1051xx
HP Pavilion dv3-1073cl
HP Pavilion dv3-1075ca
HP Pavilion dv3-1075us
HP Pavilion dv3-1077ca
HP Pavilion dv3-1124ca
HP Pavilion dv3-1253nr
HP Pavilion dv3-2001tu
HP Pavilion dv3-2001tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2002tu
HP Pavilion dv3-2002tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2003tu
HP Pavilion dv3-2003tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2004tu
HP Pavilion dv3-2004tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2005ee
HP Pavilion dv3-2005tu
HP Pavilion dv3-2005tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2006tu
HP Pavilion dv3-2006tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2007ee
HP Pavilion dv3-2007tu
HP Pavilion dv3-2007tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2008tu
HP Pavilion dv3-2008tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2009tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2010el
HP Pavilion dv3-2010et
HP Pavilion dv3-2010tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2011tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2012tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2013tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2014tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2015ee
HP Pavilion dv3-2015tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2016tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2017ee
HP Pavilion dv3-2017tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2018tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2019tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2020ei
HP Pavilion dv3-2020el
HP Pavilion dv3-2020et
HP Pavilion dv3-2020tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2021tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2022tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2023tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2024tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2025ee
HP Pavilion dv3-2025eg
HP Pavilion dv3-2025tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2026tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2027ee
HP Pavilion dv3-2027tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2028tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2029tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2030ef
HP Pavilion dv3-2030ei
HP Pavilion dv3-2030ek
HP Pavilion dv3-2030eo
HP Pavilion dv3-2030ez
HP Pavilion dv3-2030tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2032tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2033eg
HP Pavilion dv3-2033tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2034tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2035tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2036tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2050ea
HP Pavilion dv3-2050ec
HP Pavilion dv3-2050eo
HP Pavilion dv3-2050ep
HP Pavilion dv3-2050es
HP Pavilion dv3-2050ev
HP Pavilion dv3-2050ew
HP Pavilion dv3-2051ea
HP Pavilion dv3-2055ea
HP Pavilion dv3-2060ea
HP Pavilion dv3-2060ek
HP Pavilion dv3-2070es
HP Pavilion dv3-2080eo
HP Pavilion dv3-2090ej
HP Pavilion dv3-2090en
HP Pavilion dv3-2101tu
HP Pavilion dv3-2101tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2102tu
HP Pavilion dv3-2102tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2103tu
HP Pavilion dv3-2103tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2105ee
HP Pavilion dv3-2105tu
HP Pavilion dv3-2110eg
HP Pavilion dv3-2110er
HP Pavilion dv3-2110tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2111tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2113tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2114tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2115ea
HP Pavilion dv3-2115ee
HP Pavilion dv3-2116tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2117tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2119tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2120ea
HP Pavilion dv3-2121tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2123tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2125ee
HP Pavilion dv3-2126tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2127tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2128tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2130ea
HP Pavilion dv3-2130ef
HP Pavilion dv3-2130ei
HP Pavilion dv3-2130el
HP Pavilion dv3-2130es
HP Pavilion dv3-2130ez
HP Pavilion dv3-2137tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2138tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2139tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2140ei
HP Pavilion dv3-2140eo
HP Pavilion dv3-2144tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2145tx
HP Pavilion dv3-2150ec
HP Pavilion dv3-2150ej
HP Pavilion dv3-2150el
HP Pavilion dv3-2150ep
HP Pavilion dv3-2150es
HP Pavilion dv3-2150us
HP Pavilion dv3-2154ca
HP Pavilion dv3-2155ee
HP Pavilion dv3-2155mx
HP Pavilion dv3-2157cl
HP Pavilion dv3-2160eo
HP Pavilion dv3t-2000 CTO
HP Pavilion dv3z-1000 CTO


25 Responses to “Download HP Pavilion DV3 Series Notebook Windows XP Drivers”

  1. John Corey says:

    I have an HP dv3-2155mx and I’m trying to get Vista off and install XP. Your links to the “SUPPOSED” ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller does NOT EXIST. I tried every download on your site and NONE OF THEM ARE ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller. What’s up? How about a GOOD link?

  2. Tox says:

    The ICH9 driver provided does not work for the DV3-2154ca either. Have tried several drivers and cannot find a working one. If anyone has any ideas on this, it would be greatly appropriated.

  3. Airat Khabirov says:

    I have an HP dv3-2110er and I still have 7 unknown devices. But link “If you still have 7 unknown devices download this file” doesn’t work. Please, help.

  4. Admin says:

    *** Link updated for 7 unknown devices ***

  5. Awan says:

    need help for xp drivers for my pavilion dv3-2114tx/2116tx/2117tx

    do you have another links ??

  6. Ebrahim says:

    I have HP DV3-2105ee Vista home altimate. I got sick of it and would like to downgrade it to XP OS. Please provide me if u have any experiance to have all the drivers for this machine.
    thank you.

  7. Rick® says:

    Very nice post … =]
    I’m downloaded all drivers ..
    I’m will test now ..
    Very thx !!
    Cya !

  8. aver says:

    i have tried ti install XP by applying the above methods but failed… please help me, hp dv3 2102tu…

  9. Omar says:

    Has anyone got the Atheros to work in XP SP2? Home or Pro?

  10. John says:

    Omar, please use the 323bit Vista driver for your Atheros WiFi card. I used on my “dv3-2155mx” and found out a lot of the Vista drivers contains Windows XP driver when you decompress them. Im only stuck at IDT high-def audio. Which means I got everything to work and running super fast, but no I need to work hard to find a work around way for the sound.

  11. Carlos says:

    Good morning

    Sorry, I need help, I can not install audio drivers for the following model dv3 2150el pc does not recognize the hardware when I install the drivers gives me this splendid site disposal.

    Please can you help?
    Thank You!

  12. Uya says:

    hi all,
    if you got blue screen when installing XP in your pavilion dv3xxxx, u can use this SATA driver. I think above SATA driver link is not match with some pavilion dv3xxxx. This is the real ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller.


    Please use it with your nLite


  13. jack says:

    hye, i just bought this pavilion, and reli wanted to change it to xp badly, can anyone explain how to change it? sori, im a noob here…

    thanx in advance

  14. Kaleb says:

    Dear Get Pc Memory
    I found you site remarkably convinient. Thanks for the information, but I hsve one question.
    The reason I turned to this webpage was because the sound wasn’t working with XP on my dv3 (dv3-2007tx). But even after trying your steps, the IDT audio driver claims that it does not support my hardware. This is strange as it is the same driver for Vista which was working fine before I installed xp…
    Thanks for your advise so far, Perhaps you could suggest a dirrection to investigate the problem. Otherwise I must leave xp and go back vista(gulp). After all a guys gotta have sound…

  15. willy says:

    los drives de audio no funcionan dv3 2150us no funcionan,,alguien tendra uno por favor,,los necesito ,,,gracias por los demas drivers ,,

  16. Jeff. says:

    I have Dv3z-1000 wit AMD processors…..
    Unfortunately, the AMD sata driver of this list doesn’t work!!! and there is still Blue screen of physical error due when XP wants to start the computer during install and before the selecting the drive for install XP…
    Does anybody have any suggestion for this problem??? or is there another SATA driver for AMD??


  17. Jeff says:

    Hi every body:

    there is still the Blue Screen in my dv3z-100.
    this AMD SATA AHCI driver doesn’t work..

    does anyone has the correct sata driver for dv3z-1000 (AMD platform)????


  18. eliasmtz says:

    how can i to make to download the SATA driver to the HP Pavilion dv3506la?? Please an answer… i want install the SO Windows XP x64 in my laptop. Can anyone help me?

  19. fer says:

    howto use the file with 7 unknow devices??

  20. atraco says:

    Los drivers de audio y wireless no funcionan para el 2155mx, la arquitectura de sonido no es soportada por Win XP

  21. chac says:

    no puedo instalar el so xp en mi dv3 1073cl. el driver sata no es el adecuado porfavor ayudenme

  22. joebwan says:

    nice option baby

  23. ayman says:

    my audio not woke yet

  24. sinewave says:

    HP Pavilion dv3-2165ee cannot get audio to work no matter what I do :( . It’s weird, like they did it on purpose… nobody can say there are no drivers for XP but these IDT people seems to really hate XP for some reason… maybe Microsoft money makes them hate it… I’m puzzled. Everything else works but audio. I do this for living btw. :)

  25. russt93 says:

    Has anyone managed to fix the audio issues with the dv3? I’m looking at buying a dv3-2310ea but I think life without XP would drive me mad (I work in I.T). I have a dv2 laptop and had simular issues, i finally got the audio working with this using an xp disc with sp3 integrated and then installing some high definition update first. The dv3-2310ea that I’m looking at has the IDT audio but I don’t want to buy it if I can’t have XP!!! Any help/ideas/comments would be very welcome.

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