Download Dell Studio 1535 Windows XP Drivers

Download Drivers for Dell Studio 1535 Great Price Notebook Windows XP for Free

The Dell Studio 1535 is shipped with windows vista premium, but if you have downgraded it to windows xp and having trouble finding the drivers? Ofcourse most of us don’t know which driver will work for windows xp.

Dell Studio 1535 Notebook

Dell Studio 1535 Notebook

Download Instructions

When you click on a download link and a new page opens that is of, click on “download free” on that page. After that wait
for the timer to finish and than click on “download”!

The files are RAR archives you will need to open the files.


Download Dell Studio 1535 AMD HDMI Audio XP Driver


Windows XP 64bit Users use this

Download Dell Studio 1535 ATI 3650M Display XP Driver


Windows XP 64bit Users Use this

Download Dell Studio 1535 Broadcom BCM5784M LAN XP Driver


Windows XP 64bit Users Use this

Download Dell Studio 1535 Broadcom Bluetooth XP Driver


Download Dell Studio 1535 Broadcom Wireless Lan XP Driver


Windows XP 64bit Users Use this

Download Dell Studio 1535 Creative Integrated Webcam XP 32/64 Driver


Download Dell Studio 1535 Dell Touchpad XP Driver


Download Dell Studio 1535 IDT PC Audio XP Driver


Download Dell Studio 1535 ITE IT8512 CIR Receiver XP Driver


Download Dell Studio 1535 Intel Chipset 965M Display XP Driver


Download Dell Studio 1535 Intel Wifi Link 5300 Wireless Lan XP Driver


Download Dell Studio 1535 Wireless 1397  MiniCard WLAN XP Driver


Download Dell Studio 1535 RICOH Flash Media XP Driver


Download Dell Studio 1535 Fingerprint Reader XP Driver





If you have an unknown audio device than install this patch and than update the unknown device with the AMD HDMI driver


283 Responses to “Download Dell Studio 1535 Windows XP Drivers”

  1. gamal elbarbary says:


  2. Slot says:

    Hi, most of the drivers work and for Studio 1537 but these Firewire and the unknown dev not.
    Does anyone know how can i see the chip of that 1394 card?
    I see that he is ricoh, but the exact chip name if i have i think i can find the driver.
    Thank you for that support!

  3. Slot says:

    by the way if you want to fix the microphone install Microsoft Universal Audio , i get it from HP site sp33867:
    Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) Bus Driver for High Definition Audio (sp33867)

  4. hansklok says:


    I finally found a solution to fix the “tinny sound”/”no bass” issue with the old sounddrivers floating around!
    This is the XP driver for the studio series laptops posted here and on several other sites updated with the binaries from the driver released by dell on March 03, 2009 (filename: IDT_92HDxxx-HD-Audio_A06_R213367.exe):

    As a side note:
    If you are using the foobar2000 player and experience crackling/noise on playback after the installation you have to download the kernel streaming output plugin from the foobar homepage and switch output to kernel streaming.

    Enjoy and spread this to other sites/forums!

  5. hansklok says:

    I just noticed that if you reboot with the headphones/speakers plugged in the low-cut is active again until you unplug/plugin again. A little annoying, but hey at least it works.

  6. Cris says:

    guys the finger print is not working and the, where i can download the webcam manager for dell 1537 for windows xp?

  7. Zsolt Csik says:

    Problem with build-in microphone on 1535 @ Windows XP is solved!!!
    Install this audio driver:
    (R203425.EXE, release Date: 2/4/2009, Version:, A00)
    Mic is work very well, but the quality of audio output signal is poor (it’s general problem with WinXP audio driver, not with hardware)
    this is from an other forum, thanks for LeXX

  8. Rohit says:

    I have problem with my DELL studio Audio. I have installed it but sound is very slow.
    pls help.


  9. Joaquin says:

    My english is less than poor:
    Hi friends!
    I´ve installed XP SP3 on a Studio 1737.
    I have the same problem with the 1394 net adapter and the unknown device as many of you.
    I´ve tried the “possible” solutions posted here and nothing worked. Let me say that the unknown device to me is related to the bottons of the direct launch panel (PNP0C32 Direct Application Launch Button).
    If any of you can help to work it out, thank you!

  10. Joaquin says:

    I ´ve found a driver .inf that install the ACPI device and “solve” the problem.
    I´ve not solved yet the 1394 issue.

  11. Atul says:

    I got Studio 1435 on Mar 16, 2009
    I have installed Win XP SP3 Pro N

    Booting with CD had a problem (Blue screen error)
    Solution: Go to bios, turn off flash cahce module & change SATA operation to ATA
    Install Windows

    Update Uxtheme.dll so that unofficial themes can be used

    Install drivers
    1. Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver
    2. Chipset Intel V8.3.0.1013
    3. Realtek High Definition Audio
    4. Broadcom BCM5784M LAN Driver
    5. Intel PRO Wireless and WiFi Link Drivers
    6. RICOH R5C83x 84x Flash Media Controller Driver Ver.3.54.05
    7. Bluetooth
    8. Integrated Webcam A03 R200491
    9. Dell Touchpad Driver
    10. ITE IT8512 CIR Receiver

    I doubt ‘10′ as I am unable to get my remote working.
    Sleep button is Ctrl+Esc & not Ctrl+F2
    I got mic near webcam working by choosing default mic to be ‘Realtek digital microphone’
    I counldn’t get mic near IR working (I think it is mic)
    Mic & Headphone jacs working properly.

    I am yet to test
    card reader, VGA port, HDMI Port, WiFi Catcher button & 1394
    I am currently stuck with IR remote & Mic near IR port.

  12. over_sky2003 says:

    hi gys i want xp drivers for dell studio 1536

  13. TJL says:

    Everything works great on a 1737 except of the 1394.
    Seems to be a: Ricoh RL5C832 IEEE1394 Controller (PHY: Ricoh RL5C832).
    But where to fin a driver?
    Lets keep in touch.

  14. al-shamery obaid says:

    hai i am al-shamery obaid
    i have a problem in defention of remot control i try to search on the net but unfortantly i dont find any one my computer is (( dell studio 1535)) please any one how know any link wich can help me to solve my problem.

    thank you

  15. Devesh says:

    Hi guys,

    I need win xp drivers for Dell Studio 1555 Model.
    Its a new model, you get only win vista home premium with it, which is essentially rubbish.

    PLEASE HELP..!! [S.O.S.]

  16. raYmo says:

    Thanks Joaquin for acpi device.
    As you, i still have problem with 1394 network adapter.
    Error Code 10.

  17. kpvenkat says:

    I own a studio 1535 laptop which comes preloaded with Vista. I want to load XP. If I go to the links above(link 2), it says evrytime that the country’s daily limit is reached and the Link 1 says page not found. Plz…someone plz help me in providing a link to download all the drivers listed above in this thread.

    Someone help me out plz. Thanks a ton in advance. Or please mail me at with your suggestions.

  18. Alex says:

    Thanks for the tip with Inspiron 1545 drivers for the microphone, it worked indeed like a charm! As other users mentioned, you have to enable microphone boost, though:
    Control -> Sounds -> Voice Tab -> Voice Recording -> Volume. Options (top-right) -> Advanced controls (new button appears, “Advanced”). Check the box next to Microphone boost (all the way down).

  19. Arieh says:

    For those who might have an “Unknown Device” located “on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System” “ACPI/PNP0C32/0″ (check it using device manager)… It’s the “Direct Application launch button” driver.
    anyway here is the .inf file for those who might need it.

    (just hit update driver on the unknown device and have disk the inf)

    Only one driver needs fixing on my studio 1537 “1394 net Adapter” shows an exclamation mark. Any input on that?

  20. mo2this says:

    Thanks helped a lot.
    I did a slipstreaming to integrate SP3 and Sata drivers for a studio 1537, as described here: and then got some of the still missing drivers.
    WiFi finally worked with the Dell Latitude E4200 Intel WiFi Link 5100 Driver. Currently only have the 1394 Net Adapter marked yellow. Does someone knows meanwhile how to solve that?

  21. joel says:


  22. cucu says:

    there is no driver for MODEM AUDIO BUS. whyyyy?

  23. Asd says:

    Hi do you know a working driver for Ati Radeon 3450 (64 bit XP).I tried the driver on the official site but it does not work…
    pls HELP..

  24. enchant says:

    Here’s the link to the XP wifi driver for Intel 5100 wireless card,

  25. Leo says:

    Hi Admin, can you give me a link to the drivers of dell studio 1737? I want to downgrade to windows xp. Thank you very much in advance…

  26. Tj says:

    Thank you So Very much for your driver links my audio on the Dell 1535 Studio was cracking but now thanks to you all my drivers work fantastic on XP Whhhoooooooo
    If any one would like all the drivers dont hesitate to email me.

  27. Jed says:

    Who knows the problem with IEEE 1394?
    Thank you,

  28. Mick Jagger says:

    Hi, for 1394 two workarounds:
    1) search for used driver files in vista device manager and copy/use these files for xp (it works except drvers are marked as not digitally signed)
    2) search for the xp 1394 inf file and revise it such that the line with Ricoh device info (see vista driver inf) is added (it works except drivers are marked as not digitally signed)
    BTW: I think it is anyway just a cosmetic issue with the yellow mark in device manager. no problems with stand by or hybernate so far for several months.
    one more: every time new graphics or audio drivers for vista are published by dell, also xp drivers for studio 1555 are published, too. You have to search the dell ftp site for files similar in file number, date and size to the new vista drivers. have fun, Mick

  29. Jed says:

    Hi Mick,
    I’ll try.

  30. Fersage says:

    Hi. I have a Dell Studio Laptop 1537. Will this drivers work on my computer if I downgrade to Windows XP?

  31. rav3n says:

    link for x64 bit ati 3650m display driver does not work pls fix soon as its the only thing not working on my system

  32. astogan says:


    Working yes, but without Firewire, Infrared remote could not work, sound is very poor quality (like $5 speaker).

  33. Chris S says:

    The display driver for ATI HD3450 constantly fails. I can’t use HDMI output and every 5-10 minutes the display freezes up. I have to put the computer to sleep and then wake it up in order for the display and driver to re-interface.

    Is there any way to get a HD3400 series driver for XP? Apparently AMD / ATI only makes it for Vista. Is there a reason for this? Maybe XP cant handle the HD-ness of the video card, if that makes any sense. I really dont know, but it would be nice if this worked since this is pretty much the only downfall to XP on my Studio 1535 right now.

  34. rav3n says:

    @Fersage and astogan

    I have a 1537 and my firewire works fine with my 2 external hdds. I guess its up to trial and error…

  35. says:

    I just saw that ATI released drivers for the Radeon HD series. Here is a link to the HD3400 series.

    1. Uninstall any previous graphics driver
    2. Download and run Catalyst Control Center (Driver is Included)
    3. Open package. Setup will fail. But everything has been unzipped to your C:\ Drive
    4. When windows prompts you to install new hardware, choose to install your own driver.
    5. Then choose Have Disk.
    6. Browse to C:\ATI\Support\9-5_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu\Driver\Driver and choose the driver.
    7. A list will appear, choose your Specific Device from the list.
    8. Install despite XP telling you it could not verify the driver.
    9. After you install and restart, go to C:\ATI\Support\9-5_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu\Driver\CCC and run Setup.exe to install Catalyst control center if you desire it.

    Now my Display works great and I can watch Blu-Ray movies through HDMI output.

    The only problem now is getting the HDMI audio to work….

    Any help would be appreciated.

  36. says:

    All of June and most of July and no response or help!?

    Anyone fool around with the ATI HDMI Audio and get it working?

  37. Mike Y says:


    Zsolt Csik on March 16th, 2009 at 3:36 pm
    Problem with build-in microphone on 1535 @ Windows XP is solved!!!
    Install this audio driver:
    (R203425.EXE, release Date: 2/4/2009, Version:, A00)
    Mic is work very well, but the quality of audio output signal is poor (it’s general problem with WinXP audio driver, not with hardware)
    this is from an other forum, thanks for LeXX

  38. Asim Riaz says:

    Thankyou very much dear for such a useful posts.

  39. Murali says:


    I had a problem with the Dell Studio 1537 microphone. I just installed a driver (that I downloaded from Dell). Now it is working fine. You guys should try it….

    Hope it helps.

  40. vistatata says:

    hey guys, i have a studio 1537, core 2 duo, pre-installed with vista home premium 64-bit, etc. i’m planning to have a dual boot (vista 64-bit and xp pro 64-bit) but i can’t make the right set up. i want to make my bios in achi mode to have my vista and at the same time my xp ( which i know is not bootable in achi, instead, ide). i already have the xp drivers i needed. can anyone help me with this?
    you can contact me in this email:
    maybe those of you who have 1537 can help me.

  41. LeXX says:

    All Windows XP drivers for Studio 1535 / 1537 what you need (inclusive realy good working audio driver) in one package:

  42. Cuongph says:

    Nobody have got a 1435 studio!

  43. deejay4angels says:

    Thanks LeXX for the drivers pack, everything it works just fine on my Dell Studio 1535. Best regards, Adrian

  44. Rambabu says:

    I want to download Dell inspiron 1545 laptop drives for windows 2003 server. Wireless, webcam and Bluetooth drivers.

  45. Ankur says:

    I got Dell studio 1435 with vist. Now I want to intall Win XP on it. But I don,t have drivers for XP. Plzz tell me from where to get drivers for XP.Eighter they are same for studio 1535 or different plzz guide me.

  46. tayyeb shah says:

    i have a problem with my CDROM. my CDROM not working properly. i Mean not reading any CD. so please if you can help me about this problem.

  47. Junior says:

    I was using vista on my Dell Studio 1535, and 2 week ago I installed the xp,but now my microphone is not working and the quality of the sound is very bad. Help me , please!!thanks

  48. Luksha says:

    Someone can help me for audio drivers. After every installation nothing happend,there is no speaker by the clock at the right side in bottom. It’s studio 1535 too. Somebody ?

  49. Cuongph says:

    I have Dell studio 1435 winXP, but now i’m missing touchpad and finger print software. Any one help me!

  50. navid says:

    tnx a lot,,very very much

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