Download Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Notebook Windows XP-Vista Drivers

Download Drivers for Dell Inspiron Mini 9 for Windows XP for Free

The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 is a great Mini Netbook . Its shipped with Windows XP Home which has certain limitations. In order to install Windows XP Professional which is more powerful than XP Home you need to have the Windows XP drivers for Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Netbook. Don’t worry! I have done some research and collected the Windows XP drivers for Inspiron Mini 9 and posting here on my website!

Windows XP Drivers for Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Notebook

Download Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Chipset Driver for Win XP

Description: Intel  SCH US15W Chipset (Poulsbo) & Card Reader for Win XP
Version:, A00
Release Date:9/4/2008
Size: 5 MB

Download Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Video/Graphics Driver For Win XP

Description: Intel Graphics Media 945GSE/GM965 Driver for Win XP
Version:, A00
Release Date: 9/10/2008
Size: 17 MB

Download Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Wireless Lan Driver For Win XP

Description: Atheros, Broadcom,HSPA Mini-Card WLan Driver for Win XP
Version:, A01
Release Date: 9/4/2008
Size: 62 MB

Download Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Realtek Lan Driver For Win XP

Description: Realtek RTL8102EL Lan Driver for Win XP
Version: 5.698.0701.2008, A01
Release Date: 10/23/2008
Size: 4 MB

Download Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Conexant Modem Driver For Win XP

Description: Conexant D400 External USB 56k Modem Driver For Win XP
Version:, A04
Release Date: 9/4/2008
Size: 1 MB

Download Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Realtek Audio Driver For Win XP

Description: Realtek ALC268 Audio driver for Win XP
Version:, A01
Release Date:10/23/2008
Size: 42 MB

Download Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Synaptics Touchpad Driver For Win XP

Description: Synaptics Touchpad Driver for Win XP
Version: 11.1.22, A00
Release Date: 10/23/2008
Size: 8 MB

Download Dell Inspiron Mini 9 BlueTooth Driver For Win XP

Description: Broadcom BlueTooth Driver for Win XP
Version:, A01
Release Date: 10/23/2008
Size: 92 MB

Download Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Integrated Camera Driver For Win XP

Description: Creative Labs Integrated Camera Driver For Win XP
Version:, A01
Release Date: 9/4/2008
Size: 4 MB

Download Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Battery Meter/ Wireless Select Switch Application For Win XP

Description: Battery Meter / Wireless Select Switch Application For Win XP
Version: 10/23/2008
Release Date:, A00
Size: 13 MB


41 Responses to “Download Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Notebook Windows XP-Vista Drivers”

  1. sean says:

    I recently bought a mini 9 but it came with the Utobu software not XP. I have the install disk from my xp home desktop-can that be loaded on the mini? I really don’t want to give microsoft any more money. On that note I also got a new dell studio 17 that came with vista which I’m not thrilled with. Can I put xp on there instead? Thanks

  2. Zech says:

    Yes, you can load XP on the Mini 9. You need an external hard drive to run the CD or copy the CD to a USB and boot from USB. The hardest part is finding all the correct drivers. I have a Mini that I loaded for a friend that the wireless driver is driving me nuts looking for.

  3. mo says:

    Isn’t that the wireless driver listed above? Download: Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Atheros Wireless Lan XP

  4. mo says:

    I want to buy my wife the same thing what has been anyones experince? Loading windows xp pro on the dell mini 9?

  5. Mich says:

    Will the drivers be needed for xp home to pro upgrade?
    Also can I just copy all files from xp pro cd to usb pen to upgrade.

  6. Robert says:

    I bought a Mini 9 4gb loaded with Ubuntu and I hate it.
    I also would like to know if I can load Windows on it,
    and if so, what version would be best.

  7. Dave says:

    I love the mini 9! I have one with XP Pro, 2gigs ram, and its better then my m1530. I love the fast boot times, long battery life and it run the programs I use very well. The Card reader is perfect for pictures or a great way to had more hard drive space.

  8. joomla_bug says:

    im repairing this dell mini 9 and the wireless keeps dropping…im guessing it could be wrong driver if no packets are able to continuously be transmitted… any similar suggestions?? im testing all three drivers currently…hopefully atheros or the other one works!

  9. Gerardo Trevino Rojas says:

    Hey Robert?? why do you hate ubuntu??? that is one of the best things that came with the mini9 release!!

  10. John A Sykas says:

    WOW Just downloaded all drivers, BIOS & chipset to USB drive, plugged it in to limping mini 9, extracted and POOF, everything works. MAGIC

  11. John A Sykas says:

    As a side. I really enjoyed Ubuntu, but need active X for my security, need Goldmine Contact Software, and Quickbooks multi user and other programs for my business that require me to stay with Windows. Ubuntu is more fun and user friendly, but I have a business that sucks me to Windows

  12. John says:

    Thanks for this great driver reference. I’m doing a dual boot with Ubuntu (personal) and XP (work) and it’s going great!

  13. John Sly says:

    [...] I then followed this guide on installing Windows after Linux has already been installed.  The guide was very useful to follow.  However during the the initial loading of the XP installation I was receiving a blue screen of death on error code 0×0000007b.  I did some research on this found a post that said try using a Windows XP Service Pack 2 installation disk.  Unfortunately, I only have a SP1 install disk so I then had to read this guide on creating a slipstream SP2 installation disk.  The XP install then completed successfully.  I then found all of the XP drivers here. [...]

  14. Martin says:

    Two questions if I may.
    First, the drivers listed above are for upgrading XP to XP Pro, but will they also be applicable for installing XP (SP2) in place of Linux, or are yet another set of drivers required?
    Second, where’s the rest of John Sly’s post which probably has all the answers I need?!

    Thanks guys.

  15. IT femail says:

    The wireless driver for XP is not hard to find. First install this:

    Then ‘update driver’ from the Device Manager and point to this folder. It doesn’t add the driver on install. I tried several drivers – this is the correct one and the correct way.
    BTW, Dell mini rocks, I had Ubuntu for about 24 hours before I decided on XP Pro. I needed Java and Java install and IE6 were quite complicated and didn’t work properly.

  16. Cupid Stunt says:

    I tried loading Win XP via flash disk after loading in onto the same from a CD Rom.It doesn’t work.I found a way of doing it with a flash disk but had many problems.Still have problems with stuff not loading as computer hangs.

  17. Martin says:

    Sorry Ubuntu fans, but it just doesn’t work for me.
    I installed XP Home from a USB flash drive using Bart PE.
    There are several way to do it and you may have to try a few to find one that works for your flash drive/main computer/Dell Mini combination.
    All the XP drivers on the Dell site download without a hitch, with the exception of the one for the wireless card.

    ‘IT femail’ is absolutely correct on the wireless driver install. When the self installer for that driver runs it comes back with the message “No matching hardware found”.
    However, if you point to that driver location when updating the wireless card driver in Device Manager it installs perfectly.

    Now off for more memory and HD space!

  18. Richard Kazares says:

    Nice information but does anyone inow where to get the Mini 9 WEBCAM driver that might work with VISTA? The XP version does not. thankx

  19. rebel35 says:

    ok, i too have replaced ubuntu with xp, which drivers to i have to have from above,,mainly needing to get the mini card to work,,,

  20. Dina says:

    my mini 9 goes straight to password when booted. I put it passwd and SOMETIMES it logs on and sometimes not. I want to install windows instead of umbutu since I had had so much trouble. I have ordered an external hard drive to load on the cds. ProbleM: can’t get by this passwd thing….I hate this.. when it does let me log in, it will not let me change or download anything…this sucks… help if you can…please…ready to throw it in the tub.

  21. George says:

    Can u plis help me with sound drivers for a Dell D430 notebook

  22. Warlondo says:

    I purchased Mini 9 with XP, guess I’m the only one who decided to go from XP to Ubuntu for learning experiences, where can I get drivers for ubuntu for the mini 9?

  23. tom says:

    i installed win 7 on my mini and all works except the integrated camera and couple base drivers. otherwise i love win 7 over xp!

  24. mat says:

    i installed win 7 on my mini and all works except the integrated camera as well. Is there a solution?????

  25. marco says:

    I have a problem, my mini don´t operate the flash player and I can´t to see videos of You Tube. What happend? What do it?

  26. sahir qatar says:

    thanks i am tooooooooooooooo much tention

  27. Matt says:

    hey guys i have a problem with my dell inspiron 910, im runnin xp home i believe and my intergrated webcam has stopped workin… i tried uninstallin and reinstallin and still nothing… tried updating and still nothing… any ideas? if so either reply or email me at “” PLZZ!!

  28. mohammed says:

    Thanks alot for these drivers.
    you are fantastic yah fantastic

  29. arianne says:

    this is so great!

  30. Ellie says:

    I found all the downloads helpful but could you create one for viewing my webcam and i can edit the background and the expressions etc
    if this is possible i would like to say thankyou very much!!

  31. Shirlz says:

    Ive installed Windows 7 started on my Mini 910. I have a problem with the wireless 5530 HSPA Mobile Broadband. Does anyone have a current driver? Or can advise how to resolve?

  32. Wayne Ware says:

    Working on a Mini 9 for a friend. She wants to change from Linux to Windows XP. Her system only has the 4Gb solid-state drive. Can Windows XP Pro be loaded onto this and if so, how much space can I expect to have left?

  33. lordnick says:

    thnk match.up-load driver..

  34. Ben says:

    Best. Website. Ever. You are a legend, a champion, a God among Men. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  35. carrie says:

    Hi i bought my son the dell mini 10 and like an idiot selected ubuntu instead of windows. have recently got an iphone and cannot download the start up files without windows. can anyone help-im not very technical, is their a simple way of changing to windows-i dont have an external disk drive.
    i have read the comments above but now im confused!

  36. Robert says:

    I have a dell mini 9 that I bought off of ebay. After 13 months the ssd went bad. I bought a replacement ssd but I don’t have the startup disks. I contacted Dell about sending disks but they will not since I didn’t purchase the computer new from Dell. Very frustrating. How can I get my Dell Mini 9 reinstalled with XP without having any start up disks? I have a basic understanding but please be as simple as possible.

    I really appreciate any help. thanks

  37. Bruce says:

    Just installed upgrade SSD for Dell Mini9. Have all disks but needed to know which driver do I need to install for the photo card reader? Thanks

  38. dennis says:

    Hey guys please hepl me !! i’ve got the dell 9 and i installed all drivers but my wireless doesn’t work is enyone with the same problem?

  39. Jeromy Gering says:

    I am fortunate to have found this site. Keep up the excellent postings.

  40. karim says:

    they indeed help me so much but only network adapter drivers failed to down load.

  41. Craig says:

    I bought the 910 with XP loaded. It was so slow that I tried Ubuntu and found it to be fast. I was surprised since this was my first experience with Ubuntu. I was able to load Chrome and Firefox browser. I also loaded Skype so it now has all that I need.

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