Download Dell Inspiron 1545 Notebook Windows XP Drivers

Download Drivers for Dell Inspiron 1545 Notebook For Windows XP

Dell Inspiron 1545 Notebook Driver Problem: Dell Inspiron 1545 is shipped with Windows Vista and Dell does not provide Windows XP support for this notebook. Its really hard finding the Windows XP drivers for Dell Inspiron 1545. That’s why I am posting the drivers for Windows XP on my website.

Dell Inspiron 1545 Notebook

Dell Inspiron 1545 Notebook

Windows XP Drivers For Dell Inspiron 1545 Notebook


Download Instructions

When you click on a download link and a new page opens that is of, click on “download free” on that page. After that wait for the timer to finish and than click on “download”!



Download Dell Inspiron 1545 Intel Chipset Utility For Win XP

Description: Intel GM45 Mobile Chipset Utility for Windows XP

Download Dell Inspiron 1545 Intel GM45 Video Driver For Win XP

Description: Intel GM45 Graphics Display VGA Driver For Windows XP

Download Dell Inspiron 1545 Sigmatel Audio Driver For Win XP

Description: SigmaTel IDT 92HD71B HD Audio Driver for Windows XP
Download :

Download Dell Inspiron 1545 Creative Webcam Driver For Win XP

Description: Creative Integrated Camera Driver for Windows XP
Download :

Download Dell Inspiron 1545 Bluetooth Driver For Win XP

Description: Bluetooth 965 Module Driver for Windows XP

Download Dell Inspiron 1545 Intel AHCI Sata Controller Driver For Win XP

Description: Intel AHCI Sata Controller Storage Manager Driver For Windows XP

Download Dell Inspiron 1545 Card Reader Driver For Win XP

Description: Realtek RTS5158E Card Reader Driver for XP

Download Dell Inspiron 1545 Touchpad Synaptics Driver For Win XP

Description: Touchpad Synaptics Driver For Windows XP

Download Dell Inspiron 1545 Ethernet Lan Card Driver For Win XP

Description: Marvell 88E80XX 10/100 Ethernet Controller Lan Card Driver For Windows XP

Download Dell Inspiron 1545 Dell Wireless 1515 Atheros Driver For Win XP

Description: Dell Wireless 1515 (11agn) WLAN half mini Card (Atheros) Driver For Windows XP

Wireless Driver Instructions By Craig (Extract the file by executing it, Go to Device manager, Right Click your Wireless Device and Update Driver, Select No at this time to search for internet updates, Press Next, Select Install from a Specific Location (advanced) and press next, Click Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install, and press Next, Click Have Disk and the Browse, Locate Driver folder R174291 (normally in C\Dell\Drivers), then go to Drivers and click bcmwl5 and press Open, Press Ok and install the Dell Wireless 1395 WLAN Mini-Card Driver by pressing Next, Then Finish and Reboot your system)

Download Dell Inspiron 1545 Intel Wifi Link 5000 WLAN Driver For Win XP

Description: Intel(R) WiFi Link 5000 Series WLAN Half-Mini Card Driver For Windows XP

Download Dell Inspiron 1545 Dell Wireless 1397 1510 Driver For Win XP

Description: Dell Wireless-1397-1510-Half-MiniCard Driver For Windows XP


255 Responses to “Download Dell Inspiron 1545 Notebook Windows XP Drivers”

  1. Joe says:

    i have the inspiron 1545, put xp on it and am having problems with the drivers. can someone send me the drivers and instructions? my email is ty

  2. MzQ says:

    @joe: now, isn’t it weird that u have the instructions entirely in this post (top), yet u ask for the same??? DuH..

  3. micro says:

    Like an earlier post – Been trying to install XP Pro using both Dell XP Pro OS and OEM cd’s and I get the BSOD – any ideas on how to get around this issue?

    Thanks :-)

  4. Isaac Osei says:

    hi,my webcam is not working and I dont see any problem wrong with it but seem not to be working.please try and help me out with my problem.I have the whole drivers of my laptop but still it’s not working.

  5. Burrito says:


    I got an inspiron 1545 almost against my will, and since i don’t fancy Vista i installed xp. Checked online beforehand and found out about the ATA-setting, and then i installed xp sp2 without any problems. I removed all partitions that was there previously.

    i ran into the same problems as everyone here, but have now discovered that i was reading about the 1525, so that is maybe why i have not gotten drivers to work.

    Before i try again there is something that bothers me:

    a removable disc icon shows up even though there are none inserted into the machine. The same thing in vista when i tried to re-install it (i could not get wireless to work with vista either). i suspect that it may be due to that i removed all partitions before installing xp, but that is just a guess. anyone know?

    cannot find anything about removable discs showing up when not apperent…

  6. Luiz says:

    Please can anyone update on how to get the CAPSLOCK (and multimedia keys) indicator working on my dell Inspiron 1545. Everything else works fine.
    It was working fine for 3 months until I had to reinstall Vista. So, What I have to do to setup these indicators on screen again?

    Tks in advance

  7. Luiz says:

    I saw in another forum and solved my issue.

    For view the indicators the Dell Quick Set shall be installed.

    link below (in this case, for Vista 64 bits)

  8. Dave Floyd says:

    Hi really thanks for the drivers, a been searching for long time, thanks!

    nice wishes from Ecuador

  9. sidz says:

    Thank You very much…appreciate very much

  10. kamyar says:


  11. T2T says:

    I used the driver disk that came with laptop it working like it was vista

  12. Mohamad says:

    Salam aalekom .. very thanx about this useful data … goooodd luck and life

  13. TMax says:

    Gents, thanks for all your comments.
    I was just about to buy 1545 dell to use it wiht win-XP. But before, I wanted to be sure the XP was working fine in it…. I seems that nobody was lucky.

  14. Muhammad says:

    i using Dell INSPIRON 1440. The original OS is windows vista, now i already downgrade it using XP. Therefore i have problem to find out wireless driver for this enhancement machine…. could your all out there help me? TQ

  15. yfh21 says:

    Hi , I got the tray Icon to work for the Caps lock key. Find the following exe file, C:\Program Files\Dell\QuickSet\quickset.exe. When it is running I get the notifacation in thr tray area that Caps lock is on. I ended up adding it to the registry under local machine/software/microsoft/windows/current version/run. I added a new string value and just typed in C:\Program Files\Dell\QuickSet\quickset.exe. works all of the time now.

  16. Yvain says:

    To Catha and Natasha (function keys on keyboard) : I had the same problem as you had. I solved it by installing Dell QuickSet, and then by configuring, in Dell QuickSet, the behaviour of the function key.

    With this, I also don’t have to press Fn when I press Alt+F4…

  17. abhijeet gupta says:

    i hav dell insprion 1545
    i want to install xp on it
    but i always got blue screen with some error during the installation
    so how can i solve this problem
    i hav tried 3 xp cd

  18. bianca says:

    hi, i read these posts and many more, but still im helpless. i tried the audio drives from dell site, and then the japanese one, and it keeps on giving me the same error, that it is not supported. all the other drivers worked perfectly from dell site, including the wireless. im totally out of resources and ideas. thanks in advance for any useful advice.

  19. nish says:

    hey thanx for the drivers. it helped a lot. =]

  20. Ted says:

    To Craig: Congrats on your work to find most of the XP
    drivers for the 1545. I have just purchased a 1545 and will
    take possession of it within a week. My intention is also
    to switch over from Vista to XP. My unit has 3g ram, 160GB HD,
    no webcam, 2G duo core proc. Are all the drivers I need
    located at the top of this page, and is there a set order
    I should use to install them?? Any help is greatly appreciated
    as I want to get all the files ready before the machine
    arrives. Thanks!

  21. kelly says:

    I love all the comments and the help everyone is giving everyone else, i think i can find the drivers i need with the help of my nephew who works at dell, however i cannot get that far in setting up xp on my new 1545, when i get to the user agreement to click on f8, to agree to the user agreement it doesn’t work, i know the keys work, because i can click escape but why doesn’t the f8 work?

  22. Oana says:

    Hello CRAIG
    You said that you have picture instruction for the XP Wireless setup:
    “CRAIG on January 12th, 2009 at 4:38 pm
    Ok i have picture instructions for the XP Wireless setup if it helps anyone, please send me your email address if you would like a copy. thanks”
    Could you please sent me these picture?
    I have problems with Wireless for dell inspiron 1545.
    My adress is
    Thank you.

  23. Kelly says:

    Cannot see any wireless devices on my 1545, so how do i get the laptop to show them to update? all i have ? by is network controller-pci device and sm bus controller
    please send any replies to

  24. ISMAIL says:

    please, those drivers works for VISTA ?

  25. EhsaN_ME says:

    veryyyyyyy gooooood

  26. Subodh says:

    this is really time consuming….to purchase dell laptop and to not getting driver cd along with the laptop…..i think i should not go to recommend any one to purchase dell laptop …or elase he/she will have to waste 2 days time for downloading drivers….I changed the pertaing system….windows vista is full of comedy…xp user like me cant have that much time now to find the blindclick buttons which was there in xp…hence i changed from vista / windows 7 to windows xp…now its dell duty to provide the driver cd along with laptop but invain…and now i am not finding the drivers…..the search is waste of time…you come across most of the adds and bogus templets….shall i start anti advertisment?….can any one comment on this….

  27. shanavas says:


  28. Hugh says:

    Hey guys, i’ve been reading all through this blog to find drivers for my 1545 with XP. I downgraded from windows 7, if anyone else is having the same problems as me. The wireless is functioning now :) Now I can download the remaining drivers.
    I didn’t need internet on the laptop to get the drivers, I just downloaded them onto my desktop and transfered them across.
    Here’s what you do:
    1. Download the drivers you need (For wireless, I have a 1395 WLAN card, so I got that off the dell website)
    2. Download the driver installer
    (Thank you so much to the dude that made this)
    3. Transfer it to your laptop, along with all the drivers.
    4. Run the installer and make sure it’s in the same folder as your drivers.
    5. Once it has finished, restart your 1545 and it should all be working :)

    E-mail me at or add me on windows live if you want any more help. I know how bad it feels to have a laptop not working. My parents took it back to PC world at one point and the staff were so rude, they took it home and I found the appropriate software off here.

  29. Yucca says:

    Works fine. Now I have Dell 1545 with XP pro. Thank You very much!

  30. Alvaro says:

    Hello everyone! Please help!
    I need the driver that makes the key to eject the cd. Someone wrote that installed dell quickset, although I don´t have the installer and I can´t find one that woks with windows XP.
    If someone knows the website, please post the answer.

  31. Alvaro says:

    I need Dell Quick Set for Windows XP so my Eject button on my notebook will work.

    Does anyone know where I can find it?

  32. mandeep says:

    HELLO,I m mandeep insan ,i need wireless driver to conect to the internet which is located at my home(Broadband),except connecting net wirely,i want to connect it through wireless. So to do so i need wireless driver of 1545 inspiron.plz send me.

  33. Ryan says:

    i installed the “Marvell 88E80XX 10/100 Ethernet Controller Lan Card Driver For Windows XP” driver but my internet still isn’t working properly.
    it works for a while but than jst crashes..
    the same service is working perfectly on my desktop..
    wat to do???????

  34. Buba.B.Bojang says:

    well i successfully downloaded the audio driver and installed it but still cannot get sound

  35. shams says:

    My CD drive works but I can’t burn anything. What driver do I need to download? Thanks

  36. nick says:

    My problem is that XP calls the hard drive ‘E’ and loads it there due to the card driver which it allocates ‘C’

    Any ideas?



  37. Richard says:

    Does anyone know where I can get the Windows XP driver for my 8X DVD + RW Optical disc burner. It’s listed as a TSST Corp TS-L633C model number. I looked everywhere and can’t find it.
    Thanks much!

  38. james says:

    Actually there is one problem I encountered, the laptop isnt showing the battery power level in the task bar anymore, although I havent configured the quickset software yet, is that how you are supposed to enable it?

  39. Jessica says:

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could email the reformat disk and drivers for Vista Inspiron 1545. My hard drive was damaged, so I put a new hardrive it and lost alll my files. Ive lost my disk and I dont want to buy a new one. PLEEEEEEEASE HELP ME! Ive been trying to work on this for about a week now.. Im getting pretty fustereated.

  40. geio says:

    i am in need for a driver for wireless 1397 to run on dell inspiron 1545 under XP64.
    can anybody help on this!?

  41. Hanani Michael says:

    Hey thanks to these web i got it for my Xp Os lol

    i was just told to change Vista to Xp then i do it then i was having trouble installing the Driver by the Cd and it was only For Vista 64 Bit lol

    i came here and got it and download it fo free lol :D :)

  42. alphabravo says:

    hi all these drivers are ok. but could you pls give me the full drivers for xp?
    i’ll be very grateful if u could do that for me .

  43. Hedi Braham says:

    many thanks for these drivers, i think i will can use my Dell
    Inspiron 1545.

    thanks again

  44. Hedi Braham says:

    i did not use it yet

  45. Julieann says:

    Hi I had to restore my laptop back to factory settings and it then had to be sent off to be repaired coz still wasnt working. Came back today still at factory settings. Put msn on tried to use my webcam but only sending call not letting me use my webcam and dell central wont recognise it either dont know how to activate it or anything pretty lame at computers lol can u help me at all?? thanks :D x

  46. sameer says:

    i am trying to connect extranal keyboard to my inspiron 1545 but its not connected they show maslfunctned so please any body now how to connect keyboard

  47. manohar shinde says:

    Inspiron 1545 :Audio drivers
    Clearly Working on XP


    just chill…………….

  48. balkrishna b chavan says:


  49. sergio oliveira says:

    thank you so much man
    i really needed this drivers
    see ya

  50. Gameli says:

    Hi,I am trying all things possible to download wireless drivers for my dell inspiron 1545 laptop but finding it very difficult and would like to know if you can be of any help.

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